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Webinar, 21 May 2014, 11.30am-12.45pm (CET)

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„I’m OK, r u OK?“ - Decoding Generational Differences @ Work
Putting diversity to work must be a common goal of employers and employees. Even the most traditional organizations need to accommodate for successors in their talent pipeline who are not like themselves. Building and nurturing a multi-generational workforce which includes Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and the newest entry Gen Z, is a critical challenge. Successful organizations that seek to understand each generational group and how to accommodate for their differences in attitudes, values, and behaviors will develop a viable leadership and talent pipeline for growth and sustainability.
Participants will learn about


  1. Different profiles and values of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z.
  2. Trends such as the impact of technology on an increasingly mobile workforce.
  3. Common myths  and how the new Generation really view their future workplace, work/life balance, career preferences and management style.
  4. Skills of the future. How mentoring can bridge the gap and help create a more inclusive and innovative workplace  to attract and retain talent.

-Marisa Vara, Associate at CREATETALENT 

Key-Note Presenter
-Hedy Caplan, Managing Partner at Dean & Deray


-Karin Althaus, Gen Y Master Student at University of Lugano/Switzerland, CREATETALENT Mentee
-Mathieu Dobol, Director Human Resource at HRG
-Yvonne Moya, Head of Global Travel & Event Services Procurement at Unilever,CREATETALENT Mentor
-Neil Simpson, Head of Sales - ILTM Luxury Portfolio at Reed Exhibitions, CREATETALENT Mentor


Christine Dunton-Tinnus
CEO & Founder


Swiss WorldCargo and CREATETALENT pioneer a mentoring and talent concept 


Swiss WorldCargo, the air cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, is the first company to partner with CREATETALENT, a company that specializes in providing global mentoring services for students and a platform for academic institutions as well as corporations to interact, attract and retain talent.  The partnership has the objective to launch a talent/mentoring concept specifically designed for, and promoted in, the air cargo Industry. The initiative aims at increasing the industry’s attractiveness for student graduates as well as connecting with and shaping the next generation of leadership for the air cargo industry at an early stage. 
“At its most basic level, a mentoring relationship guarantees a young person that there is someone who cares about them. A young person is not alone in dealing with professional and personal challenges”, said Christine Dunton-Tinnus, Founder and Owner of CREATETALENT. “Do you remember embarking on your first job search or preparing for that first interview? Simple things that seem easy to you now may be a challenging situation to a young person. Our objective is to support the next generation of young talents through a professionally supported, one-to-one relationship with a mentor, and become a Global Citizen. At the same time we provide the air cargo industry with the opportunity to attract and retain talent at an early stage and develop skills for the future. We are very pleased to partner with Swiss WorldCargo, a world leading cargo carrier, and being a pioneer.”
Swiss WorldCargo is encouraging its leadership team to enroll as mentors withCREATETALENT. In addition, Swiss WorldCargo will engage with partner universities specialized in air logistics in Switzerland and elsewhere to work with them and CREATETALENT to promote exchange between industry and academia. Swiss WorldCargo has also initiated dialogue with both IATA and TIACA to create a wider, indeed global adoption of the concept.
CREATETALENT member universities connect and network with a wide range of global companies and their executives to ensure curriculums reflect current industry issues, collaborate on mutual research projects and increase internship as well as employment opportunities for their students. Organizations who partner withCREATETALENT, such as Swiss WorldCargo, have access to students who are pre-selected by their university, in their final year of studies and have completed a mentorship with an executive. They can establish presence in the marketplace as well as build and improve their brand image as a leading employer among the next generation of young talent. The CREATETALENT mentoring processes, guidelines and talent strategies are developed in partnership with an expert team specialized in executive leadership and professional development. CREATETALENT was a nominee for the Best Start Up of the Year Award 2013 by the Riviera Business Club.
“I strongly believe that the CREATETALENT mentoring program is an extremely valuable experience for the development of my future career. The program has provided me with the opportunity to acquire knowledge from a mentor who is an expert in his field. At the same time it allows me to explore an industry that I was not even aware of and find out about new attractive career options that I had never thought before as possible. I feel myself so lucky to have been matched with my mentor as he is a very inspiring person always ready to answer all of my questions,” said Alexandra Grammenou, CREATETALENT Mentee, Master Student in Economics and Communication at Università della Svizzera Italiana/Switzerland. 
 “Our world is more interconnected than ever, and that is precisely what is so exciting for anyone preparing to embark upon a career today,” comments Oliver Evans, Chief Cargo Officer at Swiss WorldCargo and Chairman of TIACA. “No other industry depends upon globalization, or indeed enables globalization, more than the air cargo industry. We transport the urgent components that keep the factories working in the most divers industries, we transport the latest fashions and consumer products to markets all over the world. A career in the air cargo industry is therefore challenging and exciting, and it is the surest way to develop and keep in daily contact with a network of friends and colleagues in a wide range of countries. The highest responsibility we have it to attract, develop and motivate talented individuals. The CREATETALENT mentoring program is a great example of linking companies to universities, and the experience of the industry, insider to the raw talent and energy of graduating students.”
“I consider the participation of our NHTV students in the CREATETALENT program to be an essential and indispensable phase in preparation for their future careers in international business. It is the perfect setting for them to start building-up a "real world" experience.” - Herman Mensink, Professor, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.


Founded in 2011 CREATETALENT provides global mentoring services for students and a platform for academic institutions as well as corporations to interact, attract and retain talent. The mission is to connect the academic with the corporate world to
make a positive difference for young talents allowing them to achieve their highest potential through a professionally supported, one-to-one relationship with a mentor, and become a Global Citizen. CREATETALENT specifically helps young women to gain valuable experience for leadership positions and is committed to achieving excellence through diversity.  

About Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss WorldCargo is the air freight division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. With a global network of more than 150 destinations in over 80 countries and a wide range of services offered, Swiss WorldCargo generates true added value for its
customers and makes a substantial contribution to the earnings power of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

Note to editors
For further information about Swiss WorldCargo, pictures and interview requests please contact:
Silvia Cappelli 
Senior PR & Online Communication Executive

Phone +41 44 564 55 02
For more information about CREATETALENT please contact: 
Christine Dunton-Tinnus
Founder & Owner
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ACTE shapes the next generation of travel professionals in partnership with CREATETALENT

(Alexandria, VA - 23 July 2012) The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) announced today a mutually beneficial partnership with CREATETALENT, an organization providing student mentoring services and a platform for academic institutions and corporations to interact with and retain top talent in the travel industry. 

"CREATETALENT bridges the gap between the academic and professional travel environment," said Ron DiLeo, Executive Director for ACTE. "It hits the mark as a response to current market trends in the Talent Management and Human Resources arena and compliments nicely two of our new initiatives, the “Around the World in 80 Hours” programme and the ‘Three Under 33’ awards, both of which are geared toward continued learning and recognizing young minds in the industry."

The objective of the collaboration, which will commence in August 2012, is to connect the academic with the corporate travel world to make a positive difference for young talent allowing them to achieve their highest potential through a professionally supported, one-to-one relationship with a mentor. An online matchmaking platform allows students to directly connect with a mentor of their choice based on their indicated area of interest.

Corporations participating in the program have access to the profiles of awarded students, who are in their final year of studies, and can increase their global brand recognition as a leading employer as well as attract and shape who they may be hiring.

Participating academic institutions in 2012 include Lessius Mechelen University (Belgium), NHVT Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland), University of Applied Sciences Worms (Germany). Registered mentors work for corporations such as Autodesk, Gambro AB, Ingersoll Rand, IKEA, Lufthansa AirPlus, NH Hotels, SEVES, Siemens, Swiss Airlines, Swiss Reinsurance and UCB Pharma, and are based in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA.

CREATETALENT founder and owner Christine Dunton-Tinnus said: “We are excited about this unique partnership with ACTE, which is a perfect fit, and we look forward to working with ACTE members.”

ACTE will provide complimentary and preferred rates for CREATETALENT memberships, regional events includingthe ACTE Global Education Conference in Rome, 14-16 October. CREATETALENT will develop an education session for Rome titled “How and Where to Find Talent,” as well as similar session for the ACTE Global Conference in New York in 2013. CREATETALENT will also provide ACTE with five complimentary mentee scholarships and is implementing a “Travel Student of the Year Award” co-branded with ACTE.


CREATETALENT: le voyage d'affaires forme ses dirigeants de demain

L’avenir du voyage d’affaires se prépare aujourd’hui : le lancement de CreateTalent entend donc répondre aux besoins de formation des dirigeants de demain, en proposant une plate-forme de rencontre entre jeunes talents et professionnels expérimentés.


The «Handelszeitung» is the leading economic newspaper in Switzerland and holds an exclusive media partnership with the «Wall Street Journal» in Switzerland. 

Die «Handelszeitung» ist die grösste Wirtschaftszeitung der Schweiz und exklusiver Kooperationspartner des «Wall Street Journal» in der Schweiz.

Talentförderung der


CREATETALENT in the Handelszeitung 16. Mai 2012

CREATETALENT-Studenten Spezial-Abopreis aus dem Euro-Währungsraum von EUR 30, aus der Schweiz von CHF 25, für 4 Ausgaben jährlich. (Hinweis bei Abo-Bestellung: "CREATETALENT"). Bestellungen bitte an senden.  

Business Traveltip - das Schweizer Magazin für Geschäftsreisen und Vielflieger aus dem Hause Primus Verlag - richtet sich an alle, die Geschäftsreisen planen, organisieren oder selbst Vielreisende sind. Kurzweilig und in leicht verständlicher Form schafft das Magazin Klarheit in der vielseitigen Welt der Geschäftsreisen.  Praxisnaher Service, wertvolle Tipps und nutzerorientierte Informationen für Buchende wie Reisende stehen, klar präsentiert, im Vordergrund. Business Traveltip erscheint vierteljährlich mit einer Auflage von 14'000 persönlich adressierten Exemplaren und garantiert einen auf die Zielgruppe fokussierten Kommunikationskanal.

fvw Magazin – 1.März 2012: "Mit Profis vernetzen"

Das fvw Magazin ist das führende Fachmagazin der deutschen Touristik-Branche und erscheint im Verlag Dieter Niedecken. Alle 14 Tage präsentiert das Heft die aktuellsten Branchen-News, die durch zwei tägliche Newsletter vervollständigt werden. Die Fach-Redakteure der fvw begleiten die Branche mit fundierten Reportagen, wertvollen Analysen und einordnenden Kommentaren. Besonders interessant für Studenten ist das fvw-E-Paper-Archiv: Es erleichtert die Recherche für Fach-, Diplom- oder Bachelor-Arbeiten, da alle seit 2006 erschienenen Ausgaben einzeln abrufbar sind. Das fvw-E-Paper-Archiv ist im Rahmen des Profi-Abonnements kostenlos zugänglich. Studenten erhalten 50% Rabatt auf den üblichen Bezugspreis des Profi-Abos und zahlen nur 17,20 € pro Quartal. Für weitere Informationen und Bestellung klicken Sie bitte hier.



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