Strategic Talent Management - Mentoring

Interested in supporting CREATETALENT

Benefits include:

  • Access our "ONE-STOP TALENT PORTAL" to connect with top graduates from various, prestigious academic institutions (internships, employability)
  • Develop a pipeline of future leaders for your company and enhance leadership and coaching skills for your executives
  • Attract, support and shape the next generation of leadership who you'll be hiring
  • Select a university / study program of your choice to participate in our program and match with your Executive mentors
  • Identify latest trends and issues to be incorporated and analyzed in university curriculums, student theses and research projects
  • Establish presence in the marketplace, build and improve brand image as a leading employer among the next generation
  • Promote internships and job offerings
  • Enhance your CSR strategy - support the next generation of travel leadership 

Interested in developing your own mentoring program? Please contact us at and find out what we can do for you.

Benefits include:

  • Develop a culture of personal and professional growth
  • Share desired company behaviours and attitudes
  • Enhance leadership and coaching skills for your executives
  • Engage, retain and develop performers

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